Yerseke Watersportservice, a company based in Zeeland, is busy outfitting the Yerseke Offshore 62 which will be delivered during the course of 2017.

The Yerseke Offshore 62, an aluminum yacht measuring 18.5m by 5.1m with a displacement of 30 tonnes, has been designed by the Yerseke Group and Trimm Design. The vessel is equipped with two John Deere engines, each of 300 hp, and can reach a speed of 15 knots. The yacht is equipped with a hydraulic bow and stern thruster, two hydraulic actuated spud poles and a MagnusMaster stabilization system. Both the Navio steering and the Navio autopilot are also hydraulic. The ship management and the navigation systems are modern professional systems.

The vessel is designed for use on the high seas but thanks to special modifications, it can also be used on inland waterways. These adaptations include spud poles and hydraulically folding mast and antennas to achieve a height clearance from 4.3m and a draft of 1.4m.
So why Yerseke WaterSportservice has chosen the MagnusMaster stabilization system?

“Two years ago we also bought a DMS Holland rotor system for a 15 meter semi-displacement composite yacht with bilge keels. This vessel also regularly sails on the sea and we were once again looking for a good stabilization system that could be built into the boat. Our experience with a rotor system operating on the principle of the Magnus effect and the experience of working together with DMS Holland were good. It was therefore a logical choice for us to select DMS Holland’s MagnusMaster. We could identify many improvements applied to their own system plus they had listened carefully to us as the customer whilst developing the MagnusMaster. The Offshore 62 is designed, just as the name suggests, for large open water. In order to keep time spent at sea safe and pleasurable, even with high waves and strong winds, a good and reliable stabilization system is required,” explains Gerard Sentse of Yerseke WaterSportservice. “There is a film on our website,, in which the clear distinction between the effects with and without the MagnusMaster in operation can be seen.”