This spring will see the first Mulder yacht be equipped with the DMS Holland rotor stabilization system, the MagnusMaster. The system will be on board of MY Le Mirron, a Favorite 1500.

The first Mulder Favorite came off the production line in the 1950s. A large number are still sailing the seas today. In 2010, to mark its 70th anniversary, Mulder brought the Favorite back on to the market with a completely updated model. The new version has been designed by Guido de Groot and Vripack Naval Architects. The aluminum Mulder Favorite 1500 has a round bilge hull and can achieve a maximum speed of 18 knots. These were both properties that played a role in determining the choice of the stabilization system. The MasterMagnus rotors can be retracted under the yacht when sailing at high speed. “Seeing as we usually sail at a maximum speed of 8 to 10 knots and therefore just suffer from rocking on open water, the MagnusMaster system was chosen. Furthermore, it was easy to install it at the back – a second important factor in choosing this system”, explains the owner of MY Le Mirron. The location of the rotors was determined in consultation with Vripack Naval Architects. Jachtservice Zuiderbaan will install the system in mid-April.