This week, during ESEF, Benelux’s largest and most important trade fair in the field of supply, subcontracting, product development and engineering, Brabant Engineering is exhibiting the MPCH hydraulic clamping hub.

The clamping hub has been developed by Dynamic Marine Systems B.V. (DMS Holland) in collaboration with Brabant Engineering in response to a need for the AntiRoll roll damping system – the existing clamping hubs available on the market were not suitable for the harsh conditions in which ship stabilizers have to operate.
DMS Holding has the patent for both the AntiRoll stabilization system and the MPHC hydraulic clamping hub. In addition to being used for the AntiRoll stabilization system, DMS Holland has also identified other suitable applications for the clamping hub.
Good ‘solid’ cooperation between Brabant entrepreneurs.

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