In addition to those already set up in Friesland, Zeeland and Brabant, Limburg now also has its very own MagnusMaster Installation Centre. It comes in the form of Boat Equipment Watersport in Maasbracht.

Boat Equipment Watersport is a renowned installation, maintenance and service company. They work in close cooperation with neighbouring boat builder Linssen Yachts and also offer a direct service to customers for installation and maintenance relating to Volvo, Vetus, Yamaha and Tohatsu.

The area in and around the Maas is an interesting market for DMS Holland. The concentration of yachts of 10 meters plus is very high in this area and it is this size range that is a key target market for the MagnusMaster stabilization system. On the big rivers is often difficult to keep course. Due to strong currents, the waves and drafts from passing commercial vessels can cause smaller vessels to start swaying which can potentially lead to unsafe situations. The MagnusMaster is able to reduce this swaying to a minimum in turn making sailing more comfortable and above all safer. Ideally suited for use on rivers, the MagnusMaster’s rotors can also be retracted whilst in shallow waters. The stabilization system can be installed by Boat Equipment Watersport easily and within just a few weeks and since the MagnusMaster is completely electric and very compact it can be installed on board of almost any yacht at any time.