As Dynamic Marine Systems we are naturally accustomed to riding the waves. Literally in terms of our products but then also within our business. We are constantly looking for that one wave of innovation that brings us a little closer to our spot on the horizon. For if maritime history has taught us anything, it is surely that modernization and innovation form the driving force behind yacht building. But in order to continue sailing on this innovation-focused course, sometimes we have to take a different tack. And for us that comes down to a choice between being the salesman or innovator. And we opt for the latter. Unconditionally. But we also opt for transparency. Hence this letter.


In 2012, we started DMS Holland with two business operations. One as a distributor for RotorSwing Marine (RSM) to bring RotorSwing to the market and the other as the in-house developer and, in time, the manufacturer of AntiRoll, an innovative stabilization system for super- and mega yachts.

Backed by a wealth of experience and expertise in the stabilization market sector, DMS Holland has made the commercialization of RotorSwing a success. The figures speak for themselves: From just one shipyard / installation facility in 2012 to now more than 15. In the Netherlands alone sales stand at about 50 systems but we have also supplied systems in Turkey, Portugal, Germany and the USA.

Sales often brought us in contact with end users. As experienced experts, they observed deficiencies in the system. Some of these experts turned out to be technical thoroughbreds in their profession or company and analyzed the technical imperfections in great detail. In addition, we felt that the after-sales service and in particular the repair service all too often left a lot to be desired.

And this took its toll on the collaboration: as a distributor we brought the needs of the customers to the attention of the producer, unfortunately all too often in vain. Furthermore, there was also one rather noteworthy point of interest. The owner of RotorSwing Marine is also a co-owner of a company that focuses on stabilizers for super- and mega yachts. At the start of the DMS / RSM cooperation that was not a problem. However, since 2012 to date, DMS’s own stabilization product for super- and mega yachts, AntiRoll, has evolved from being a newcomer on the market to proven and endorsed technology. It has therefore become a strong competitor, as is shown with its acquired awards and prizes, and effectively provides a conflict for the collaboration.
And it is for these reasons that the choice between salesman and innovator manifests itself. As mentioned, we have opted for innovation. Because an improved rotor system is a brilliant and functional product for excellent roll damping.

Rotor system 2.0.

Under the name DMS Holland, we have recently developed an enhanced rotor system in-house. The original findings and feedback from the end users were taken as a starting point. The result is a rotor system 2.0. A new generation.

Here are just a few of the improvements:

  • The new DMS rotor system is maintenance free:
  • The system does not have distribution belts
  • Maintenance-free bearings are used around the axes
  • The system is much more compact and the installation height is reduced
  • Manual operation is much more user friendly
  • The system has a very user friendly control system with extensive diagnostic capabilities
  • A colour touchscreen has been added
  • It has a robust communication system via CANbus system
  • Professional wiring and cabling, both internally and externally
  • It now features high quality digital sensors which can not be influenced by surrounding environmental factors
  • The current rotor positions are always visible
  • Remote access and / or monitoring is possible
  • The possibility of integration with onboard systems

Innovation is of course a necessary requirement but not the only one. DMS Holland is therefore not only set on innovation but also on fast and friendly customer service. It is for that reason that the production as well as the mounting / installation and after-sales all take place entirely under the banner of DMS Holland.

And as of today, November 6th, this banner will fly. From that date forward, DMS Holland will be bringing the new rotor system to the market and completely independently. Then we will have the entire process in our own hands, together with you.


During this year’s METS, 17th-19th November, we will officially launch the new DMS rotor system. We would be delighted to welcome you to our stand.

It goes without saying that this is of course for the ‘unveiling’ of the new DMS rotor system. But even more so, it is because we, with pride, would like to present this stabilization generation 2.0 to you personally. Click here to register for your free entrance tickets for METS.