On Saturday March 28th 2015, during the KNMC (Royal Dutch Motorboat Club) members meeting at De Scheepbouwers Maritiem in Werkendam, DMS Holland gave a presentation on the rotor roll damping system. “It was an enthusiastic, very interested and appreciative audience. The attendees, mostly yacht owners, know exactly how uncomfortable it can be on board when there are some waves. We offer them the solution. A system that can be installed on their current yacht, simply and quickly. ” said Patrick Noor. The KNMC is a national association of active and enthusiastic yachtsmen. A group of people who love the water and sailing, consider watersports to be a real relaxation and don’t lose sight of enjoyment on board or on shore. For more information about the KNMC or to become a member, visit the website www.knmc.nl.

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