The recent news that, as of November 7th 2015, DMS Holland has fully switched over to its own, in-house developed, rotor stabilization system MagnusMaster has been very well received by the market. No less than six systems have already been sold within the two weeks since MagnusMaster’s introduction. In addition to the five newbuild projects which include an Aquanaut Andante 438 OC, a Linssen GS 590, a Sturier 520, a Jetten 44 Sedan and a Steeler NG 5, Wim van der Valk has also ordered the first MagnusMaster system to be used for a refit project which will be installed on a 15 meter vessel.

Here are just a few of the improvements compared to existing rotor systems:

  • The new DMS rotor system is maintenance free
  • The system does not have distribution belts
  • Maintenance-free bearings are used around the axes
  • The system is much more compact and the installation height is reduced
  • Manual operation is much more user friendly
  • The system has a very user friendly control system with extensive diagnostic capabilities
  • A colour touchscreen has been added
  • It has a robust communication system via CANbus system
  • Professional wiring and cabling, both internally and externally
  • It now features high quality digital sensors which can not be influenced by surrounding environmental factors
  • The current rotor positions are always visible
  • Remote access and / or monitoring is possible
  • The possibility of integration with onboard systems