Having already delivered more than 50 rotor roll damping systems throughout Europe, DMS Holland’s first system to be delivered in the USA was put in to operation at the beginning of December on board of MY Montrevel.

From 1998 to 2000 the ship underwent a complete refit at Cantieri Navale Fratelli Orlando in Italy where it was converted in to a pleasure yacht. The yacht has a relatively small draught and a very flat bottom enabling it to enter shallower waters and ports.  Due to these two features there was a limited choice of available stabilization systems and stabilizers with fins were not an option. As a result, hydraulic rotor-stabilizers, from the brand Rotary, were selected and installed during this major refit.

There were 3 generators on board. A few years after the refit the original central night generator was removed and 4 Mitsubishi gyro stabilizers were installed specifically for the roll damping whilst the yacht was stationary. The old hydraulic rotor system and the gyro stabilizers operated alongside each other for years up until the hydraulic rotor system eventually had to be replaced.

At zero speed the remaining gyro units were working well but in order to achieve the desirable roll damping whilst sailing, there would need to be as many as 16 gyro units installed, all of which would cost valuable onboard space. Instead, the solution was found in the form of DMS Holland’s electric rotor-roll damping system.

Due to the yacht’s height, weight and the desired degree of roll damping, 4 rotors have been installed instead of 2, each with a length of 1250 mm. (the 4 rotors have a total surface area of 2.8 m2).

MY Montrevel is a multiple record breaker for DMS Holland:
• It is the first yacht in the USA
• It is the largest yacht to date to be installed with a DMS rotor roll damping system
• It is the second yacht, the first being MY Kuriakos, to be equipped with a 4-rotor system

“We were very impressed with the entire project for the exchange of the hydraulic Rotary stabilization system for the new electric rotor stabilization system. In particular, the coordination with DMS Holland and the co-operation between all parties involved, for example, Engineered Yacht Solutions, who made the adjustments and installed the hull inserts.” comments Greg Flynn, chief engineer of MY Montrevel.

  • profile-MY-Montrevel-300x221
    MY Montrevel
  • MV-Montrevel-plate-300x225
    MY Montrevel
  • AvA-Engine-room-MY-Montrevel-300x225
    Engine room MY Montrevel
  • Motor-rotor-unit-MY-Montrevel-300x225
    Electric motor
  • Captain-and-Engineer-MY-Montrevel-300x225
    Captain & Engineer MY Montrevel
  • Rotor-Montrevel-300x225
    Rotor MY Montrevel
  • Rotor-out-MY-Montrevel-300x225
    Rotor in ‘drive’ position