Immediately after Monaco, there is another major event on the calendar for DMS Holland, this time back in The Netherlands. For the company has been selected by the Chamber of Commerce from a large number of entries and put forward for the annual SME Innovation Top 100 (MKB Innovatie Top 100). This selection includes the 100 most innovative companies in the Netherlands.
On October 1st, known as “Innovation Day”, the winner of the SME Innovation Top 100 2015 will be announced. The results will then show which company will hold the 2015 number one spot and who can be called the most innovative company in the Netherlands.

In addition to the battle for the lead in the SME Innovation Top 100 2015, DMS Holland is also still in the race for the LiveWIRE Rising Star. Even better, in this competition DMS Holland has already reached the final 5. LiveWIRE Rising Star is a competition for innovative companies in the Netherlands. In particular, for companies that have been in business for no longer than five years. Every quarter, an online competition and jury assessment takes place. Anyone can vote for their favourite. DMS Holland is the only maritime business listed and therefore is hoping for a strong “wave” of support from the Dutch maritime sector in order to get that ‘vote of confidence’.

View DMS’s LiveWIRE entry video here or cast your vote here for DMS.