Due to the shape of the hull the “Canoe stern round bilge vessels” can be a challenge when installing stabilizers near the stern. Since the stern of the ship is the most favorable position for installations of this type of Stabilization system, we were faced with an interesting challenge.

In the retrofit installation of this particular vessel, we have run into additional problems since this ship had its fuel tanks located to the side. This forced us to install the rotors relative low in the hull which decreases its efficacy in roll damping lift force. Our solution was the installment of elongated rotors to compensate for this decreased efficacy in lift force.

By employing a system with two 1250 mm long rotors (normally only 1000 mm), RotorSwing® was able to generate optimum roll damping for this vessel. The extended rotors enlarge the so called” moment arm” with 25%.

How did she behave in rough waters? The proud owner told us that, even in a following sea condition (a following sea refers to a wave direction that matches the heading of the boat), she was running “on railway tracks”.