Altena Marine, a company with a great deal of flexibility enabling them to easily respond to the needs of the customer, has secured the contract for the installation of a RotorSwing 140/1000 stabilisation system in a MB 53, 16.5 meter trawler designed by Martin Bekebrede. The hull is being built by Brandsma & Van Deelen and will be fitted out by her owner.

An important deciding factor when it came to choosing RotorSwing for the stabilisation, was the fact that the system, unlike those with hydraulic fins which often significantly protrude from the middle of the keel, allows access to shallower waterways without damaging the stabilisers. Furthermore, the minimal noise output whilst the stabilisers are in operation and their efficiency at lower speeds were also considered important plus points. The cruising area will therefore, be both offshore and inland.

One of the last key deciding factors was the fact that a so called “dry run and commissioning” is always carried out prior to any actual sea trials with the RotorSwing system taking place. Through the means of video footage, you are able to see how the system retracts and extends and how the rotors are positioned tightly against the hull and well above the keel. The video also clearly demonstrates how the rotors are a lot less vunerable than conventional fins. Following the so called “dry run” the actual seatrial was a huge success.