During their 65th anniversary celebrations and open days at the end of November, Linssen sold three yachts all equipped with the RotorSwing stabilization system. The three vessels include two of their latest Grand Sturdy Wheelhouse models, the 52.9 and the 58.9 as well as a Grand Sturdy 500 MK III Vario Top. The Grand Sturdy 52.9 Wheelhouse, fitted with the RotorSwing stabilization system, will be on display at Boot Düsseldorf 2015 and has been unveiled at the VIP evening with DMS Holland present. The Grand Sturdy 58.9 Wheelhouse, Linssen’s largest vessel to date, will be fitted with a RotorSwing Zero Speed system. Last month, we installed the first RotorSwing Zero Speed system at Linssen on ‘MY Sherlock’.

GrandSturdy529  GrandSturdy500ACVariotop  GrandSturdy529ACWH