Linssen Yachts have awarded DMS Holland the contract to supply not only a complete system but also two pre-installations for the install of RotorSwing systems at a later date.  The orders will be used on a Grand Sturdy 43.9 AC, a Grand Sturdy 43.9 Sedan and a Grand Sturdy 40.9 Sedan.  Linssen Yachts are a key customer for RotorSwing.  Since the end of 2011, some 10 of their yachts have been delivered with a RotorSwing system.  On Linssen Yachts upwards of 40 ft, the RotorSwing roll damping system forms part of the standard specification. Furthermore and last but by no means least, Linssen has also recently completed a single rotor system delivered on one of the smaller Linssen yachts.