DMS Holland dives into gap in the market with universal control system for stabilisers

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The DMS Universal, a universal control system for stabilisers brought to market by DMS Holland at the end of last year, is a resounding success. Sales have already exceeded expectations. As an all-round stabilisation specialist, DMS Holland is regularly asked to service stabilisers. When they found that it was becoming increasingly difficult for yacht owners […]

Karin & Åge Owners MY Raymond du Puy

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“While our stabiliser software was broken, but our fins were still as good as new, DMS brought the solution. After 1 year, life was smiling again. DMS Holland have the expertise, experience and enthusiasm to solve problems with stabilisers the very best. It’s a pleasure to recommend DMS Holland. They kept all their promises about […]

New location for DMS Holland

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As a result of our company’s growth and the expected continued growth in the short and medium term, we are relocating to a facility better suited to our current and future needs. Our fantastic new location is situated not far from Den Bosch, after all, as a mari-time company, DMS Holland naturally likes to stay […]

Dealer and first order simultaneously in New Zealand

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During the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in Australia, we met Sam Harris, owner of VMS (Vessel Management Services) from Auckland, New Zealand, for the first time. Since then, and now a dealer for DMS Asia Pacific in New Zealand, Sam has already sold his first MagnusMaster system. Having worked as both a captain and […]

First DMS project in Australia

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Last month the DMS team made their debut visit to the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in Australia. It didn’t take long to confirm, with two orders in the bag, that there is a very large market for the MagnusMaster stabilisation system on the other side of the world. The first order, to be installed […]

DMS’s first order in Hong Kong

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Last week, DMS Holland received its very first order from Kurt Healy, owner of DMS Asia Pacific, for the delivery of a MagnusMaster system in Hong Kong. The system will be installed on a 2017 Elling E4 in approximately 2 months time. The owner of the boat had indicated that he wanted more comfort on […]

Arti Marin appointed as DMS Turkey

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DMS is proud to announce that, as of last month, Arti Marin has been appointed as the distributor for Turkey making DMS Turkey a fact. Arti Marin is a company with 17 years of established business who is best known for their work as Mastervolt Turkey. The owners Erkmen Özar, Kaan Poyanlı and Erdol Erol […]

Boarnstream to Retrofit MagnusMaster on 24 metre Van Der Heijden

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Jachtwerf De Boarnstream was one of the companies from the Netherlands actively promoting MagnusMaster systems during Boot Düsseldorf. Their latest retrofit order demonstrates that this Dutch yard is now also ready to take on larger vessels. The installation of the MagnusMaster system on an existing 24 metre and almost 80 tonne Van Der Heijden got […]

Beneteau Swift Trawler 52 equipped with MagnusMaster

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Owners of displacement and semi-displacement boats of up to 30 metres fall under the the large group of MagnusMaster stabilisation system potential customers. This includes boats such as the Beneteau Swift Trawler, of which there are more than 300 currently sailing the waters worldwide. Only a few of these however, are in fact equipped with […]

OceanPeople perfect match with DMS

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Together, Paul Matthijssen (53) and Yvonne Kuijpers (52) form OceanPeople. It is a company which has been around since September 2001 when Paul and Yvonne created Adventure Cruising. For more than 15 years they have cruised the coasts of Southern Norway to Spain and Portugal, around Great Britain and the Azores with many different participants […]

Holterman “Special” commissioned with MagnusMaster

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At the beginning of February 2019, Holterman Shipyard got started with a special boat from their new model range. Based on the existing Holterman 53 Commander model, the swim platform is to be extended by more than half a metre. The interior will be designed by a well-known Dutch designer. Having already previously built a […]

U-S-B with Zero Speed for Benetti MY Il Sole

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In September last year, DMS started the development of its U-S-B system. This was developed as a replacement for old stabilisation control systems that had become or were becoming obsolete due to the discontinuation of parts. In the second week of April, the first new DMS U-S-B system will be delivered to its owner with […]

Cooperation with DMS Germany at Boot Düsseldorf was a great success

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In April 2018, from the beautiful island of Rügen, DMS Germany was established by Dutchman John Kappetijn who has been working in Germany for 33 years. Since then, we have already seen good progress having actively taken part in the smaller and local exhibitions in Germany such as the Hanseboot Ancora Show in Neustadt and […]

DMS develops MagnusMaster E-Series

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With the development of the AntiRoll All-In-One being postponed and the yard in Aalst ready and waiting for a stabilisation system that can easily be retrofitted on their E4 vessels, the “intellectual elite” were put together resulting in the development of the MagnusMaster E-Series in collaboration with Elling Yachts. Anton van den Bos always sticks […]

First MagnusMaster system in Finland

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No sooner had 2019 got underway, had DMS Holland reached an agreement with the proud owner of a Linssen GS 40.9 AC in Finland. Many years ago, this owner and his captain and crew sailed the 42-metre superyacht MY Northern Cross that was used in the James Bond film GoldenEye. Now that he, together with […]