Ton Breeweg, owner MY De Zwarte Ruiter

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“I have already experienced a great deal of choppy water and waves with De Zwarte Ruiter. 2 weeks ago, during a weekend in Rotterdam, it was the Steam Power Event in Dordrecht and as a result, it was very busy on the water with speed boats, water taxis to / from Rotterdam and very choppy […]

Niels Tuininga, General Manager Steeler Yachts

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“The system has already proved itself. It works brilliantly! An additional advantage of the MagnusMaster System is that it is extremely compact to install. The rotors themselves are not large and the complete installation is also incredibly compact, it only protrudes a matter of ten centimeters or so into the ship.” Click to play testimonial […]

Mr. J. Roth, owner of MY Brandaris

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“We were on the way back to the Netherlands with our boat, a Jetten 50. As we were between Langeland and Kiel we encountered gusts of wind up to force 7 and waves 2 metres high, perpendicular to the boat. The ship turned out to be incredibly seaworthy. We surfed down the waves. Even in […]

Mr Willem Brandenburg, owner MY Wing V

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“After 6 years of sailing on the Mediterranean Sea with our sailing yacht, we were quite used to it. It was all very second nature for my wife but now, on a motorboat without a mast and with nothing underneath, it is a different matter. When we want to sail on the IJsselmeer at Christmas […]

Arnold de Ruyter, A.R. Design

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“It is always difficult to work certain components into a vessel, always stretching space. And with your system that is not a problem we face, plus it works very well. The advantage is also that this is a sea-going boat but in terms of size, it can also sail very well on inland waterways and […]

De Kranerweerd from Zwartsluis operating as retro-fit installation station for MagnusMaster

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During Boot Düsseldorf, Serious Yachts, in cooperation with Jachthaven De Kranerweerd from Zwartsluis, exhibited their beautiful Brightly 1530 on which visitors could actually see what the MagnusMaster system does under the vessel. It didn’t take long for the teams from Serious Yachts and De Kranerweerd to discover that these DMS Holland stabilisers attracted a lot […]

Valk Merlin 1400 MY Liberty to be equipped with MagnusMaster

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Last year, the owner of this Valk Merlin 1440 experienced something truly terrible. As a result of a short circuit on board, his beautiful MY Liberty went up in flames. The vessel has since, under the guidance of Jachtservice Wierdsma from Franeker, undergone extensive work and is now being rebuilt. The owner has selected Jachtservice […]

First Bruijskotter with MagnusMaster

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The first MagnusMaster stabilisation system for a Bruijs Spiegelkotter was sold during Boot Holland in Leeuwarden. The Dutch owners of this sturdy, 13.5 metre long, open cockpit vessel are ex-sailors and have seen a lot of the world with their sailing boat. Having already cruised a lot with their motor boat in the Netherlands, they […]